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vanirtjones said in June 26th, 2003 at 8:01 am

Well, Apple’s Hardware VP did make a semi-reasonable attempt at a defense of the G5, but it’s still so ambiguous that I would still be willing to call all parties fuckheads.


  • Color management really good for print (thats why graphic design places use it all the time)
  • artsy people can understand it better for some reason
  • pretty colors on iMacs
  • neat shit like iTunes that will show up for windows in mere months
  • iPods (which aren’t technically macintosh I guess but oh well)
  • Oh, and BBEdit.


  • No pre-emptive multitasking before OS X
  • raging, biased, almost jingoistic fan support
  • Games? What are those?
  • Can’t login as root in !@(*!(*@ OS X without hacking the fuck out of the OS
  • One mouse button is like having one testicle. And don’t give me your little biohazard-lookin’ “option” key either
  • Memory management before OS X sucked was completely nonexistent. If you had an app that might conceivably need 100MB of RAM at some point it just went YOINK and took it all upon load.
  • You know it’s sad when Fetch, the most popular shareware FTP program sucks worse than WSFTP for windows. You can automatically binhex encode my ASS, Fetch.
  • Whatever it is, we’ll slap a new name starting with a lowercase i on it and declare it REVOLUTIONARY! I’m surprised as shit they haven’t revolutionized “mouse pointing and clicking” yet by calling it iPoint.

I’m sure there’s more, I just should probably shut up before my girlfriend or brother read this. 🙂

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